President Trump Praises Roger Stone: "Some People Still Have Guts"

Jake Baker  ·  December 04, 2018  ·  Featured, Politics, Elections, Obama Regime, Constitution, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, Crime and justice, Corrupt Courts

By: Jacob Engels

In a mid-morning tweet referring to Roger Stone's bombastic appearance on ABC's "This Week", President Trump praised his longtime friend and advisor's declaration that he would "never" testify against the President.

Stone has said for months that he refuses to bear false witness against Donald Trump and has slammed Mueller's investigation as a witch-hunt and highly partisan affair. In the same segment, which aired Sunday morning, Stone reaffirmed his pardon push for Black Nationalist Marcus Garvey.

He described the inquiries by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a legal proctological exam, that has endlessly harassed both his current and former associates. it is rumored that Stone has already spent over $500,000 in legal costs associated with the probe and could see those legal bills push over $1million. You can donate to Roger's defense fund by clicking here.

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