WATCH: Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Promotes Homosexual Agenda Features First Same-Sex Kiss in Parade's History

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By: Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

The Macy’s Parade is now bringing your children homosexuality on a platter beside your Thanksgiving Turkey.   You guessed it for the first time in its storied history, parade organizers have decided to shove the homosexual agenda down your family’s throat featuring a same-sex kiss on Thanksgiving day.

The annual parade which used to be family entertainment with magnificent floats, larger than life balloons and dazzling Broadway performances has been a part of New York City and Thanksgiving for nearly a century and has entertained millions of Americans who have watched the spectacle for decades.

But this year’s parade took a dark turn when NBC and Macy’s decided they were going to push the homosexual agenda when actress Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla shocked the audience with a same-sex kiss during the live NBC broadcast of a musical selection from the newly released Broadway musical The Prom.

While the 94-year-old parade has been a staple for millions of homes look for those numbers to quickly erode after this bit of bizarre homo-theatrical nonsense promoting the homosexual agenda.

A YouTube video of the live performance showed Kinnunen and McCalla in front of millions of families holding hands and singing before the two leaned in for a kiss as the song ended.

The Prom which promotes the homosexual agenda started its Broadway run earlier in November.  As you might guess it tells the “heart-wrenching” story of a poor lesbian in a small Indiana town suffering discrimination because she cannot take her lesbian girlfriend to her high school prom.  It continues with the gaggle of homosexual actors who flock to LA to lend comfort and guidance. 

The musical's leftist producers sell the show as a story of "acceptance, tolerance, and love."  It is in fact the pushing of the homosexual agenda and now they are selling it to your kids on Thanksgiving day bringing it right into your living room.  

"Broadway's The Prom is grateful to Macy's and NBC for their acceptance and inclusivity of a community and a story that is about acceptance, tolerance and love," the musical's producers Bill Damaschke, Dori Berinstein, and Jack Lane told Entertainment Weekly in a joint statement.

While supporters of  the homosexual agenda cheered for the on-screen kiss, parents across the spectrum and across the country were shocked and expressed concern that the kiss was not age-appropriate for younger viewers watching a parade meant for families.  The reality is that the kiss was not age appropriate for viewers of any age. 

NBC has apparently knocked this tweet out but we got the text anyway.

Thank you @NBC for making me have to explain to my 5 year old why two girls are kissing during the #macysthanksgivingdayparade

- Jason Puckett (@SarasotaJay) November 22, 2018

Well I guess that wraps it up for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Maybe next year we’ll be treated to homo-erotic floats, and gay themed entertainment with a little S&M.  Well count me out.  I think next year maybe I'll watch reruns of Gilligan’s Island on TV Land at least until Hollywood remakes the series with Gilligan in pink tights and Ginger and Maryann as a loving lesbian couple.   

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