Rush Limbaugh: Thank God for Donald Trump... He Revs Up and Rams It Back Down Their Throat Every Time

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By Jack Hammer - TapWires News Service

Should we survive the current assault on our sovereignty and nationhood by the Democrat led socialists who would erase our borders, snuff out the light of freedom and end America, there will be a lot of people to thank for standing in the gap and holding the line in the battle for this country.   

For more than three decades Rush Limbaugh has been one of those courageous, among the chose few, who has weathered even thrived under the relentless hatred and savage attacks of the American left.  

And when a hero like Limbaugh pays homage to someone ... that someone must be very special.  In this case that very special someone in the mind of Rush Limbaugh is none other than the President of the United States.  Here is what Rush had to say of the tenacity and wonderful in-their-face attitude that has allowed Donald Trump, to not just keep America alive but to bring it roaring back despite the best efforts of the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media and the globalist left.

RUSH: Well, this is funny. The media is outraged again by President Trump - who may be the greatest president of our lifetimes, with one or two exceptions. Trump's out there saying he can't imagine anybody, anybody but himself being TIME magazine's Man of the Year. He just can't see it.

There's not anybody even close. Of course, the media says, "How dare he speak this way? This is just so unseemly! This is not how polite society refers to themselves. It's not done this way."

RUSH: Trump's out there telling the media that an "Obama judge" struck down his new asylum executive order, and this must have really ticked off the chief justice of the United States, John Roberts. (laughing) John Roberts issued a statement (summarized), "We don't have Obama judges, and we don't have Bush judges, and we don't have Clinton judges, and we don't have Bush judges, and we don't have Clinton judges, and we don't have Obama..." (laughing) We sure as hell do!

What the hell is the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals? That's where they all go! That's why we know we have Obama judges. Obama has appointed left-wing hacks to act as judges. But... (laughing) Trump's also saying he's through submitting questions to the witch hunt. (laughing) Not the Mueller investigation, do you know whether the witch hunt. The Drive-Bys are beside themselves! It is funny to watch this.

Also, the media cannot handle the fact that Trump is not gonna somehow punish the Saudis for supposedly killing the so-called Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. What Trump is saying is imminently sensible. (summarized) "Look, there are much bigger things that this, and the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is far more important, and I'm not gonna tank it because a bunch of you people think that a legitimate journalist got murdered.

"This guy was a legitimate enemy of the Saudi regime, and he was disguised as a journalist and columnist at the Washington Post. And I'm not gonna ruin the United States' relationship with the Saudis just because you are demanding it." Of course, now a bunch of Republican officials are criticizing Trump. This stuff just never ends. You know the great thing? It never seems to get Trump down. He doubles down on this stuff still.

He revs up and he rams it back down their throat every time. Like CNN is beside itself all day long with the idea that Trump is calling Mueller's investigation a witch hunt and that Trump now thinks there's nobody but him who could possibly be TIME magazine's Man of the Year, and that Trump will not condemn Mohammed bin Salman (the crown prince of Saudi Arabia) for the supposed murder of Khashoggi. Trump won't even listen to the tape.

There's a tape supposedly of the last moments of the murder. "I don't need to listen to it. Why should I want to listen to that?" He just... Do you realize how many people would have caved by now? Folks, do you realize how many people, years ago, would have totally caved to this never-ending assault? I mean, it is an oppressive assault that never stops on Trump personally! Now, he's an alpha male, and if you've ever wondered what one is - because they're exceedingly rare in America today.

Would you agree with me on this? Alpha males... If you want to know, alpha males are the problem as far as modern-day feminazis and their wuss male supporters happen to be. The alpha male is exactly the kind of male that the left thinks we need to exterminate, and you're seeing one in action. Now, most people today care so much about what people think of them, and they care so much about what's said about them, and they care so much about what's written about them that they would have caved within two weeks.

Trump survives it and he seemed to feed off of this stuff.

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