CNN Hack Kirsten Powers: You Can't Support Trump and Not be a Racist (VIDEO)

Jake Baker  ·  November 21, 2018  ·  Featured, Media-Entertainment, Elections, Foreign Policy, Militant Islam, Immigration, Constitution, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, Crime and justice, Corrupt Courts

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

CNN's once semi-sane Kirsten Powers realized that popularity lies in the lies of the hard left as witnessed by her indignant lecturing of what she terms racist President Trump supporters this past weekend.

This one-time Fox News contributor who writes for a US branch of Pravda – USA Today, flatly stated that all Trump supporters are racists.  No exceptions – if you support Trump you are a racist.  That of course may come as a surprise to the fast-growing millions of black, Hispanic, and Asian voters who support the President.

Powers discussed female Trump supporters saying, "They'll say, 'Well, I'm not racist. I just voted for him because, you know, I didn't like Hillary Clinton. And I just want to say that that's not-that doesn't make you not racist. It actually makes you racist."

Obviously, it doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton was involved in the Uranium One scandal which sold off 20% to 25% of our uranium to our sworn enemy Putin and the Kremlin for $125 Billion in personal gain or that she spread state secrets across the globe in a massive pay to play scheme. 

It doesn’t matter that she allowed our men to be slaughtered at Benghazi as she ordered a stand down for US forces that could have intervened, or that she along with top officials in the Obama Regime worked with globalist UN officials and George Soros to overthrow governments in Libya, Sudan, Egypt, and a once US friendly Tunisia to facilitate the Arab Spring which led to the largest migration of people in human history and is the direct cause of the Islamification of Europe. 

It doesn't matter that Hillary was and is a habitual liar, a criminal in more ways than can be counted, despised even her own voters, had no ideas accept the continuing betrayal of America and a hatred of American sovereignty because it was an impediment to global governance ... If you supported Donald Trump – You are among the most vile of all loathsome creatures … a racist!

Kirsten went on Twitter to continue her attacks on Trump supporters and white folks – or more specifically conservative white folks who are in her mind less than human.  She sees Christians and conservatives in the same jaundiced way that Hitler and Goebbels saw Jews in Nazi Germany.

Welcome to the new and improved Democrat Party.

Her point is simple.  Donald Trump is a racist demagogue because he supports American sovereignty, America First policies, border security and the rule of law.  You can't support a racial demagogue and while claiming that you are not a racist.  And of course, to her everybody who doesn’t stand beside her which is about 10 steps to the left of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Che Guevara, is a racist.

Kirsten, we are not upset about your comments.  We love them.  It shows just how pathetically inane you really are.  Your comments reveal your leftist psychosis and puts to the lie any claim you might make of compassion, wisdom or patriotism.  You are clearly someone who hates America, despises our heritage, and seeks to disavow the Constitutional Republic that allows you the freedom to make such psychotic and seditious comments without being shipped off to a gulag somewhere. 

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