Repugnant: Fox News’ Chris Wallace Tells Trump: You Are Seen As A “Beacon For Repression”

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By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

Week by week, day by day Fox News continues its slide to the left and as each part of the days broadcast schedule is reshaped another layer of disrespect for the Fox base is added as elitist arrogance began first creeping into the channel and is now flooding into the what used to be the last bastion of a truly free press. 

I can still see the election night desk at FNC filled with anti-Trump hosts, including Election Desk guru and establishment sock puppet, Chris Stirerwalt, and other never-Trumpers like Martha McCallum, Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, Dana Perino, hard left Juan Williams, and Obama sycophant Marie Harf. 

To make matters worse, last week FOX News jumped on a court case to support Jim Acosta's right to be the east end of a west bound horse and not just hijack White House pressers but bully interns and the president himself.

Then for the outrage of the week, on Sunday FOX News anchor, the Trump-hating Chris Wallace, told Donald Trump, the US President in his exclusive one-on-one interview, that he is seen as a "beacon of repression" around the world.

This is a degrading slap followed by a load of spittle in the face of the president and half of the nation that voted for him.  This is telling the nation that if you are for legal not illegal immigration you are a part of the repression.  If you believe that nations have sovereignty and borders you are repressionist thug. 

For years we have known that the media is anti-Christian and anti-conservative and anti-America. But at least, there was Fox News – a light house in stormy media seas. They were not like the rest of the panning baboons in the media zoo all aping each other and each attempting to be more outrageous than the other. 

These jaundiced media hack’s reports are 90% negative on Trump, despite his record economy, stellar foreign policy and America First policies.  But does Wallace question the president on any of that … not a chance.  The best Chris Wallace can manage from that dark place where the media resides intellectually, is to attack the president for questioning the fake news media and obviating their loathsome agenda!

This is repugnant on every possible level.  It is outrageous that Wallace would deign to speak to a sitting president this way and by inference label all of his supporters as enablers of repression.

It is hard to imagine that Fox News has fallen so far that Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace would demean President Trump for defending himself against the relentless attacks of the media.   But labeling him a "beacon for repression around the world" because he fights back against the malignant lies of the American press is stunning.

Wallace made these and other contemptable comments to Trump while conducting a sit-down interview with the president that was aired on Sunday.  In it, Wallace pressed Trump about his rhetoric in regard to the media, noting that most presidents haven't liked the coverage of their administrations. 

But what Wallace didn’t address is the absolute lies and accusations of treason, betrayal, perversion and criminality leveled at this president.  He didn’t mention the illegal wiretapping of the president by the Obama Regime and the unscrupulous collusion and circular reporting of the US Media or the treasonous spying and subterfuge employed by rogue elements in this government and the complicity of the governments of Theresa May in the UK, Australia and their foreign ministry and their former PM, Putin’s Secret Service - Kremlin and Angela Merkel’s Germany and all of this before the elections. 

That makes Wallace’s comments even more despicable and hollow – because Trump had not even been elected yet let alone implemented any of  his supposed egregious policies.  In other words, they hated him from the start because he was a nationalist not a globalist.

Wallace also failed to mention that no president in modern history received this level of vitriol and hatred directed at them where more than 90% of the “free press” coverage has been negative despite his miraculous economic recovery complete with jobs, including manufacturing jobs, rising wages and historic lows in unemployment and historic highs in workforce participation.   They continue to call Trump a racist despite the fact that all of these actions have lifted minorities such as black and Hispanic workers to new levels with over 4 million Americans now off of food stamps and rising out of the oppression of poverty.  

They accuse Trump, the most Israel friendly president in several generations, who moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, of being an anti-Semite. And Wallace really expects the President to sit back and say nothing in retort to these falsehoods? 

"The fake news is the enemy - it's fake, it's phony," Trump replied, before claiming that he doesn't mind negative press coverage if he gets something wrong as every president does, but the constant drum beat of lies, half-truths and media sliming must be countered, or Trump knew from the beginning, that they will destroy him and with him dies our last best hope of saving America.

What would have happened if the fake Russian Collusion story had not been attacked by him?  What if the media’s relentless charges of treason had been left unchallenged? 

Tragically, Fox News is day by day joining the mainstream media and in the process they too are joining the Resistance – which is in reality resisting, our sovereignty, our Constitution, our heritage and the sanity of the rule of law which is being exchanged for the chaos of open borders, sanctuary cities, globalist thinking and betrayal of this country. 

Fox is systematically under the leftist leadership of James Murdoch, son of globalist Rupert Murdoch, abandoning the  audience that made them and choosing instead to reveal their true agenda which is fully aligned with the globalist agenda and they are morphing into just another leftist media outlet and … an enemy of the people.   

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