The Death of The Cowboy Nation ...  and The Rise of Store Bought Ethics

Jake Baker  ·  November 18, 2018  ·  Lifestyle, Prophecy, Christianity, Featured, Jake Baker, Opinion

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There was a time when ethics wasn’t taught in a college course, ethics was taught at the supper table when mom and dad thanked God for their food, their life, their family and even the seemingly meager blessings they had.  Ethics was learned on the family farm in the 18-hour days as fields were cleared, planted and harvested.  Ethics was taught to children when mom and dad drove back 20 miles to return the extra change the cashier at the restaurant accidentally gave them. 

That was a time when cowboy ethics lived long after our historic western cowboys had ridden off into history’s sunset.  But the values … those core principles that guided our lives … shaped our thinking … and built our nation, lived on.  Those were the days of cowboy ethics when it didn’t take a bunch of regulations and laws to make a man do what was right, nor were a slew of regulations and laws going to keep a man from doing what was right.  That’s when we understood that being a leader often meant riding alone to check the fences and round up the strays.  It was a time when we understood loyalty:  If you took the check, you rode for the brand.  But that way of life is dying.

Today, calling someone a cowboy is an insult, a term of derision laid on bumpkins from the hustings or dinosaurs who still cling to those things that at one time all of us knew, those things that made us an exceptional nation.  Such individuals are called xenophobes, homophobes, Islamaphobes and bigots. 

But what Houston, the State of Texas and even Hollywood is finding out is that not all cowboys are the ignorant rubes, uneducated saddle tramps and sad people clinging to their guns and their God that the ivory tower liberals and rhinestone cowboys would have us believe.  In fact, there are some who might just be smarter, stronger, and more strategic than these elitists ever thought possible.  

In reality there are a lot of honest, honorable people still left in our country but there aren’t many true cowboy visionaries, but thank God, there are a few.  They are scattered across the horizon like lighthouses warning the storm tossed that they are nearing rocky shoals or guiding the weary from tempestuous seas to the safety of the protected harbor. 

Such a man is Tex Christopher, a former professional bull rider who proudly wears the moniker of cowboy and a man who knows the difference between bull riding and the load of bull he often finds in his home town of Houston, Texas. 

Bull riders like Tex know all about a rough ride and perhaps that’s what gives him the fortitude to take on some of the toughest political and social issues facing America today.  There is no issue too thorny for this cowboy warrior to take on and he has proven that time and time again he is willing to lock horns with far-left activist anti-Christian mayors, elitist city and county officials and radical left-wing organizations without flinching.  But what is surprising, at least to his opponents, is that he is so much more than a fearless cowboy warrior.  Tex Christopher is a thinker who is looking for a whole lot more than a parade he can get in front of, so he can call himself the leader. 

Seems Tex, a master strategist, is beating the left at their own game.  He realized right out of the shoot that if America was going to go forward, it had to go back.   It had to return to those simple ideas that made it an exceptional nation.  He knew that meant changing the destructive course of our society and that meant changing the course of what we saw, what we taught our children, and a return to … what we’ll just call … cowboy ethics. 

Nowadays it is easy to find plenty of talented artists, actors, producers, and directors in the movie industry but a dearth of people to finance the productions and a complete and utter lack of an independent infrastructure not controlled by the Hollywood clique, to distribute those wholesome family productions across the country and around the world.  Without the infrastructure for distribution, wonderful movies sat in digital warehouses gathering dust and were seen by very few outside the editing studios. 

While building an infrastructure is a long, expensive, thankless job, which involves hard work with little up front reward, Tex knew that without first building a foundation and the necessary infrastructure nothing would change and everything would remain in the hands of the few powerful elite who have determined that they want the Hollywood propaganda arm and money machine to continue to operate by their rules, and for their benefit, just like it has for nearly a century.     

As a result, Tex Christopher decided to put his hand to the plow and hasn’t looked back.  After only a few years into the daunting challenge, the infrastructure is being built and now even the Hollywood elite, including actors, financiers, and distributors are regularly ringing the phones and knocking on the doors of Tex Christopher Studios. 

From his interests in the story-telling magic of movies to the power and range of music and his seemingly unlimited interests in promoting entrepreneurship, business growth, the Texas economy and even Texas energy, Tex Christopher stands out as a truly shining lone star in Texas as he and his associates begin opening up Hollywood, Texas style to the American public and around the globe.

Tex Christopher Studios is implementing a world-wide distribution system that is a dramatic paradigm shift in both structure and revenue sharing that checks the rich and powerful, shattering their monopoly interests and levels the playing field for those involved in the projects including investors. 

His multi-project investment program spreads risks across a broad spectrum of projects to help mitigate risk and produce very attractive projected returns through diversification. In other words, he is turning the entertainment business on its collective ear.

But don’t confuse his aggressive approach to business and promotion as blind ambition.  Tex isn’t in this for the money or fame.  He is driven by something that many in Hollywood–or for that matter Houston, Texas–just don’t, or can’t understand and that is his faith. 

For Tex, this is all about the mission that God has assigned him.  He knows about God’s love and about honoring the calling on his life and that’s what drives him every day and gives him the courage and fortitude to hang on to those cowboy values and ethics like honesty, honor, courage, morality, loyalty and patriotism.   He understands that the truest form of patriotism is pointing a nation back to the God of our Founding Fathers who formed this nation, built its foundations on faith, and made it that Shining City Set on a Hill. 

But he also understands that over the years the lights of that city have grown dim, many of the streets have gone dark and that once bright beacon which had been lighting the world and pointing the way for freedom loving people through the centuries, is now shrouded in the fog of changing morality, dubious store-bought situational ethics and faithlessness.  But with men like Tex bringing their vision, courage and faith to the fore, who knows … maybe in the not too distant future, the old lamplighter will bring light back to the city streets, the windows will be filled with glowing family fireplaces and life and the beacon that guided the nations for generations will once again bring light and life back to a darkened world.    

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