Crisis: The Coup Continues As Broward and Palm Beach Counties Take Steps To Overturn FL Elections.

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Apparently, Broward and Palm Beach Counties are thumbing their noses at state and federal law as we are receiving conflicting reports that with the Thursday deadline looming, Broward County has yet to even start the required recount. 

The Miami Herald is reporting that the corrupt SOE office of Broward County has not yet begun the legally required vote recount for the corrupted Florida vote.  The paper does not speculate to motive but perhaps it is because they are still busily manufacturing fake ballots as a part of a suspected Democrat led national coup. 

But reports coming out of Broward County contradict that story but as one would suspect Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes for whom the law means nothing, is in the middle of it all.

Nobody and I mean nobody, knows what is actually taking place behind the locked and guarded doors in Broward County.  The question of the day must be where is law enforcement, the justice department, the FBI, state officials or the GOP?

While Broward County is defiantly sitting on their hands and presumably spitting the face of state and federal law, Miami-Dade County was already halfway through its recount of over 800,000 votes by noon Monday - Broward County hasn't, or apparently won’t even start their recount if reports are accurate. 

The bottom line is simple if the vote is corrupted by the SOE officials in Broward County and it cannot be trusted, it should be thrown out completely as pertains to both the US Senate and Governor’s race.  Having disavowed the ballots Snipes should be arrested and charged with violating both state and federal law.

It should be mentioned that there are some sources now beginning to push back slightly on the Heralds’s story with reports stating that Broward County started its recounting at around 11:30 AM Sunday - 4-and-a-half hours late.  But that has yet to be seen and Broward County has already said it cannot or will not meet the deadline.

Seems Broward County with considerably less votes than Dade County has failed to meet all reporting deadlines to this point and Snipes and the county, election after election are at the center of controversy and chastisement by the courts.  

Via Miami Herald:

By noon on Monday, Miami-Dade managed to recount about half of the more than 800,000 votes cast in the 2018 election. Broward County had not yet started its state-mandated recount.

The stark contrast in pace from Florida's two largest sources of ballots highlights the pressure facing Broward as it tries to meet a Thursday afternoon deadline to recount the more than 700,000 votes cast in the largely Democratic county.

As of noon Monday, Broward still had to calibrate its ballot-scanning machines and sort out the ballots that needed to be counted, suggesting the actual recount may not start until later in the day or even Tuesday morning.

The equally corrupt but less high profile elections officials in Palm Beach County said Sunday evening that they will not be able to finish their recount by the Thursday deadline either.  Again, they will miss another lawfully mandated deadline with considerably less votes to count than Dade County which is reportedly already half done with their recount. 

Finally, Florida Governor Rick Scott took unspecified legal action on Sunday in an attempt to get the situation under control as he ramps up his fight going into the recount.  Somebody has to hold these criminals to account.  

Is there not a point at which these corrupt and hyper-partisan officials should be removed from office?

Belatedly, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi stepped in and sent letters not warrants … letters … to the FDLE and the Secretary of State Sunday, however many believe the AG’s office took too long and the damage has already been done.  If, in fact these ballots, containing over one hundred thousand votes, which appear to be manufactured are counted, the Democrats nation wide vote fraud coup may have claimed yet another couple of victims in Florida.

When it is obvious that Massive voter fraud is taking place at Broward County and Palm Beach County polling sites and at the offices of the SOEs, why is the GOP doing almost nothing meaningful about it?  As American, we sit watching horrified that this coup is being allowed to unfold from California to Florida.  Meanwhile the establishment GOP sits on its hands essentially doing little or nothing to end this shredding of the constitution and the rule of law. 

This is the Democrats, the globalist left and the establishment GOP at their seemingly darkest most malevolent step in this evolving conspiracy and treason.  And the nation sits paralyzed with few legal options.  I fear that desperation over this national coup, being staged right before our eyes, will leave an angry public few options and violence will ensue.  That of course is just what the left wants.  They want the capture and overthrow of this government or it complete destruction.

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