Euro Elites Tell May and Macron To Strengthen NATO Build Euro-Army To Counter 'Unpredictability' of Trump Volatile Foreign Policy

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

UK and French globalists urged on behind the scenes my France’s Emmanuel Macron who is very unpopular in France, Britain’s Thresa May and Germany’s Angela Merkel, who is desperately unpopular in Germany and is being forced from office.  All of them are facing "nationalist" backlashes in their countries and all are working feverishly to undermine President Donald Trump. 

You may recall that May’s government was involved in ongoing and nasty bit of spying on first candidate and then president Donald Trump as British MI-6 worked covertly with Russian intelligence, the Kremlin, the FBI, CIA, NSA, and US State Department to rig a US Presidential election.  Anti-Americanism is nothing new to any of these “leaders.”

A former British NATO chief warned that the UK and France must “urgently” deepen their military alliance through intergovernmental organizations strengthening their ties to guard against the “unpredictability” of President Donald Trump whom they deem unstable -  which translated means he is on to their globalist scheme and they are working to discredit him. 

These anti-American globalists were joined by two more globalist anti-US and anti-Brexit scoundrels, former Labor defense secretary Lord Robertson, who was NATO Secretary General from 1999 through 2004 and former French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneauve and together they released a report claiming that the UK and France must work together in essence to stop Brexit and thwart US foreign policy. 

In other words, frustrate and derail the will of the British people and stop Trump from interfering with their global governance scheme.  

The report insists on the need for British and French intelligence agencies to collaborate on a grand scale and emphasizes the need for the NATO allies to share military facilities and insist on Brexit concessions even as the UK’s Theresa May and EU officials continue their efforts to savage the will of the British people and kill Brexit.

Lord Robertson, a confirmed globalist served in former PM Tony Blair's administration which repeatedly worked against British interests in the name of globalism.  You may recall Blair was caught secretly carrying out a plan for the Islamification of Britain. 

Robertson and his French co-author allege that US foreign policy has never been more volatile, especially following the recent midterm elections that saw Trump's Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives.

These normally pacifist anti-military rogues are now arguing that even though the British-French alliance was strengthened by a treaty in 2010 with the formation of the joint expeditionary forces used to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya which created a breeding grown for terrorism and an export center for militant Islam - is now desperately in need of updating.

Lord Robertson said: "I think that the Trump administration has underscored the need for Europe to do more in its own interests and the [midterm election] result doesn't do anything but underscore the fact that there is an unpredictability about American foreign policy which should drive Europe to do more in its own interests.

The former NATO leader wrongly concluded that President Trump is hostile to EU members of NATO.  In reality what Trump is dissatisfied with is Europe’s arrogance in criticizing the United States while they systematically erect anti-US trade barriers, buy natural gas from a NATO enemy Putin’s Russia who bribes EU officials, lining the pockets of European elitists with billions of dollars, when the US, an ally, is the largest producer of natural gas in the world, and he is dissatisfied that while they are ripping off the US on several fronts they have added insult to injury insisting on not paying their fair share of financial contributions to NATO for their own defense.  These shortfalls fly in the face of agreements which memorialize their agreed upon fair share.

But instead of admitting their failure to do their part Robertson continued he arrogant assault on the US.

"[Trump] has been lukewarm on NATO and has taken a pretty hostile view about the role of some European countries and their seriousness about defense. And that has made European allies more nervous about the ultimate American support," Robertson demagogued.

In the final insult to intelligence and an assault on credulity, Robertson denies their globalist plans outlined in the report are about building the case for a European army, rather it's about "reinforcing the European pillar of NATO."

All of this is of course blather.  Their goal is simple and it has nothing to do with building a Euro-army  Their goal are to reduce the US “nationalist” influence in Europe, fight Donald Trump who supports the will of the British people to leave the European Union, and deflect the plain fact that each of them is betraying their country for personal gain which Is built upon bribes and kickbacks from Russia and militant Islamist countries, cheap labor created by global migration, unfair trade practices, and suppressing pay rates in labor markets with a flood of unskilled laborers.

These unskilled laborers will work for far less than a fair wage savings global business hundreds of billions in payroll.  Conversely, each of these “migrants” will cost the people of their resident country tens of thousands of Euros each year in welfare, medical costs, education, crime, and other related expenses.  As governments pick up the tab for these workers it becomes nothing more than a cruel tax on the working class of Europe and acts as an obscenely extravagant subsidy for global business interests.  

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