The Coup Continues: The Real Reason GA’s Stacy Abrams Wouldn’t Concede – She Knew Dems Planned To Steal The Gubernatorial Election For Her

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By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

Grand Theft Election – That’s what the headlines should read.  All across the nation, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Montana, Arizona and who knows where else the Democrat party is shredding the Constitution, throwing out the rule of law and destroying the very fabric of the democratic process in our constitutional republic. 

If we can’t trust the vote, we are a reduced to a joke – a banana republic and anarchy has won the day.  But the Democrat’s lust for power knows no bounds and neither does their duplicity and cunning.

The fate of the nation is hanging in the balance following the treasonous attempts of the Soros led globalists, the American media which has become Pravda for the hate-America crowd and the traitors in the Democratic party.  But for globalists and the Democratic left, winning this battle, even if, or perhaps especially if it ends America, is a price they are not just willing, but anxious to pay.

Treason?  Some might say that such a comment is way over the top – Democrats are just trying to win.  But how are they trying to win.  They are attempting to attain victory through the overthrow of the duly elected government of the United States and the several states.  That is the very definition of treason.  It is an act of war. 


Treason: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

With election results being manufactured in several states, we can now add Georgia to the list of stolen elections sullying the country’s voting system and destroying the last vestige or even pretense of honor in the Democrat party.  The Georgia Democrat Party now claims thousands of new "absentee, early, and election day votes" were as if by magic, just discovered in several counties – all of which are Democrat counties.  These mysteriously appearing votes seem to be just enough to turn the election from Republican to Democrat.

Have you ever noticed none of these votes ever turn out to help Republicans?  The midterm election was four days ago, yet just like in Florida – Ballots are springing up everywhere, as if they were mushrooms suddenly bursting forth in the dark.  

Here is how the election theft ring work.  Democrats in Georgia discover another 5,569 votes of which 4,804 were for Stacey Adams.  Imagine that despite voters support for the Republican candidate Kemp, these voters almost to a person voted for Abrams. 

Clearly this is a very thinly disguised attempt to steal the Georgia election too.

Now the question is about response.   Will Democrats get away with hijacking elections and thwarting the will of the people?  Will Republicans, many of whom are establishment types who secretly support the election thefts, win the day and allow this treasonous act to stand, or will real Republicans win the day and fight this waylaying of the Republic. 

If these thefts are allowed to stand, will ordinary Americans simply say, “oh well,” or will they demand action legal or otherwise? 

Will there be a backlash against the despicable behavior of the Democrats or will the media so overwhelm the public with lies and propaganda that America will be lulled back to sleep?

Finally, because the globalist-left and the Democrat party are driving a nail into the coffin of the country, will patriots rise up and say no more?  Will this lead to violent confrontations, civil chaos, military action, militias and bullet boxes or will this lead to exposure of the betrayal of the deep state, and demands for voter ID, secured hand written not machine ballots, and tight regulations on the handling of ballots, with automatic jail sentences for those who knowingly or willingly violate them?

The chances are slim that there will be a good outcome when all the mainstream media is stacked against real Americans, the constitution and the rule of law. Even Fox News, was filled with never-Trumpers, and Trump antagonists on election night as Fox continues its slide to the left under the hands of Rupert Murdoch and his eldest son James Murdoch who effectively runs the network.

Our choices are limited.  Are we willing to put the Republic in the hands of dubious courts, and activist judges?  Will we resort to civil unrest and face violent confrontation, will chaos ensue lading to martial law and the effective end of our Republic?  The Democrats are playing a dangerous game which has only just begun-  imagine what horrible acts, what violence, what mayhem they will be willing to unleash if by some miracle justice prevails. 

The radical left which now controls the Democrat party said after the election of Trump that their goal was to make the nation ungovernable.  Have they succeeded? 

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