Mad Maxine: Trump 'Has Displayed the Most Despicable Behavior That Any Human Being Could Do'

Jake Baker  ·  September 17, 2018  ·  Featured, Jake Baker, Opinion, Elections, Foreign Policy, Obama Regime, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies

By: Dr. Jake Baker – TapWires News Service

“Am Joy” hosted the ever-hateful Rep Maxine Waters on MSNBC Sunday morning.   They delighted in accusing President Donald Trump of displaying "the most despicable behavior that any human being could do." 

While the grammar is poor the message is clear, they hate the president.  The effervescent and dim-witted Waters said, "Let me predict that there are many Republicans that will not continue to stand with him. This president has displayed the most despicable behavior that any human being could do. And certainly, as a president of the United States, he has disappointed millions of people. And so, he's not a role model for our children. He is a liar. He's a con man. He's deceitful.

He makes up stories day in and day out. Despite the fact that the 1% who will gain mightily from the tax cuts may continue to support him because of the profits that they will make, I think the average human being, the average American, even many of those who are Republicans, cannot stand to have this president represent us in this world any longer."

She continued, "So when it will be, I don't know. But it is, you know, possible. And He's trying to frighten them by saying this black woman who has no reason to talk about impeachment keeps talking about impeachment. Well, he's not only trying to frighten them, but he's trying to bring out that constituency of his who do not like black people anyway. So, I'm not worried about that.

Let him continue to say whatever he would like to say. I think the dots are getting closer to being connected. I think that Manafort is going to play a big role in this. I think our special counsel is doing a good job. And in the final analysis, I think we will understand how he and his allies and all of those who have been, you know, wanting Trump to lift the sanctions so that they can all benefit from drilling for oil in the Arctic are going to be discovered. They're going to be indicted in my own estimation."

Mighty bold words for someone who has numerous ethics charges in the house for “misuse of funds” known to the rest of us as theft.  Influencing congress to fund a failing bank she and her had invested in, assault, inciting violence and and that isn't even all of the highlight reel.   Waters was named most corrupt house member in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2017. 

While Waters may not be the brightest bulb in the socket, she is both cunning and verbose.   Stupid cunning, dishonest and loud … quite a resume for political success in the Democrat party.  

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