Very Crafty Acosta Whines That Trump Rally Crowd Hates Him

Jake Baker  ·  August 01, 2018  ·  Featured, Opinion

By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

When it comes to bringing energy to a MAGA Rally, there is only one guy who ignites the crowd more than CNN’s Jim Acosta and that’s President Trump himself.   As CNN's chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, was reporting from President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida at the Florida State Fair Ground's Expo Hall, which was filled to the 10,000 capacity, with folks standing in the floor below the seating area and a large disappointed crowd still standing outside, the Trump supporters began shouting their anti-CNN chants of "CNN Sucks" and "Go Home."

One could naturally assume that Jim Acosta might be a little unnerved by all of this.  If one assumed that, however, they would be wrong.  Acosta feeds on it.  He loves every minute of the booing, shouting of “CNN sucks”, and other comments, some of which cannot be repeated here.  When he finished his report speaking to Trump-Hate Conspiracy Central with Wolf Blitzer, he immediately left the media riser to strike up conversations with what only minutes before had been a very angry crowd.   He worked the crowd after every report and he was a master.

Is he a leftist Trump-hating mainstream media hack?  Yes.  Is he arrogant, rude, crass, self-serving and completely self-absorbed?  Yes.  But don’t think for a minute that he is not both fearless and smart.  He has taken his name and his stock as a “journalist” to towering heights. 

Of course, he is still a despicable human being working for a despicable network, the unrelenting Trump-hating - CNN.

So, there he was, Jim Acosta, filing his report while nearly being drowned out by a raucous “CNN Sucks!” chant by the crowd behind him.  Still, he carried on doing his best “noble warrior” schtick. 

“Wolf, just to give you a sense of what’s happening right now, you can hear there is a chorus of boos and other chants from this Trump crowd here in Tampa, Florida their, saying things like, ‘CNN sucks,’ ‘Go Home,’ and ‘Fake News,'” Acosta commiserated. “Wolf, obviously all of those things are false.”

“We’re staying right here, we’re going to do our job and report on this rally for all of our viewers tonight,” Acosta asserted with a feigned martyrdom worthy of an Oscar.

But while Acosta is certainly a high-profile, anti-hero lightening rod, even he can’t approach the energy that political new-comer Donald Trump brings to these events.  When the President arrives the noise-level rockets from the usual din of loud speaker music and the hum of thousands of people to the throng of an arriving rock star … which is exactly what Trump is to these adoring crowds. 

And somehow, during speeches that consistently last more than an hour, the crowds, many of who have been there for literally hours and hours, never lose their energy.   Both he and they are amazing.  Lines for these events start forming at 5:00 AM for a 7:00 PM rally.   But that’s the energy Trump brings as he delivers both the fire and light to the show and his audience reflects that energy as they cheer ecstatically, boo the left in perfect harmony, and never miss an applause line. 

In all, even if you are not a Trump supporter, none but the most cynical can doubt his sincerity or his ability to energize his base in a nearly unprecedented fashion.  Meanwhile, every candidate in Florida he has endorsed has soared in the polls.  Love him or hate, for better for worse, he is a tireless MAGA crusader and a true political force of nature. 

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