Not One Elected Dem Attends Jerusalem Embassy Ceremony

Jake Baker  ·  May 15, 2018  ·  Featured, Elections, Foreign Policy, Militant Islam, Middle East, Terror, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies, U.S. News, Culture

By: Derek Hunter

It's official, the U.S. embassy in Israel is now located in Jerusalem. It's been the stated intention of the U.S. government since the 1990s to move the embassy, but no president has followed through on that promise, even though they all promised it while campaigning. President Donald Trump made it happen.

But on what should be a celebratory day for Republicans and Democrats, not one elected Democrat bothered to attend the ceremony. Why do you think that is? We discuss.

Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is spending a fortune to try to get Trump impeached. He doesn't have a reason for the impeachment; he just wants it done because Steyer wants to use the federal government to force Americans to use his "green" energy products and a Republican president isn't likely to do that. At a town hall meeting last week, a woman made the claim that Trump reminds her of Adolf Hitler.

Steyer essentially agreed, though he did point out one important difference - Hitler killed a lot of people and Trump hasn't ... yet. If one of the Koch brothers had compared Barack Obama to Hitler, all presses would have been stopped and it would have been the lead story everywhere, with the media condemning them for daring to say it. But a liberal billionaire entertains the idea and draws comparisons between the two and it doesn't register as a blip on the liberal media radar.

Finally, two stories out of Virginia. One has a parent getting a $100 fine for smoking in a car with a minor, and the other is about proposed sex education curriculum to make it more LGBTQ and transgender friendly. The only thing government does efficiently is things that make them money, and remember when sex education was about how reproduction works, not pleasure? Maybe they should focus on teaching kids to read and write before bothering elementary school kids with how Caitlyn Jenner has sex? Just a thought. 


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