YouTube shooter reportedly ID'd as woman with vendetta against company

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By Gregg Re

The woman who opened fire Tuesday at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., was identified by authorities as Nasim Aghdam, the Associated Press reported, citing two law enforcement officials.

Aghdam reportedly posted videos last month complaining about the company's efforts to "censor and suppress people who speak the truth."

Aghdam, 38, who injured three people on YouTube's campus before killing herself, maintained a personal website alleging that YouTube compensated her unfairly and censored her views.

"BE AWARE!" warns a website that reportedly belonged to Aghdam. "Dictatorship exists in all countries but with different tactics! They only care for personal short term profits & do anything to reach their goals."

Her YouTube videos had been removed from the site by Tuesday evening, apparently for violating the company's terms of service.

The shooting spree left terrified YouTube employees huddled inside, calling 911, as officers and federal agents swarmed the company's suburban campus sandwiched between two interstate freeways in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Bruno.

YouTube employee Dianna Arnspiger said she was on the building's second floor when she heard gunshots, ran to a window and saw the shooter on a patio outside.

She said the woman wore glasses and a scarf and was using a "big huge pistol."

"It was a woman and she was firing her gun. And I just said, 'Shooter,' and everybody started running," Arnspiger said.

She and others hid in a conference room for an hour while another employee repeatedly called 911 for updates.

"It was terrifying," she said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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