BREAKING NEWS: Apparently, Chris Cuomo Can't Read

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By: Amber Athey

In case you missed it, the op-ed was titled, "John Paul Stevens: Repeal The Second Amendment."By: Amber Athey

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo insisted on Wednesday that former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens wasn't actually calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment in his latest New York Times op-ed

Still, in an interview with former Senator Rick Santorum, Cuomo challenged the idea that anyone on the left wants to repeal the Second Amendment. (RELATED: NYT Has To Correct Gun Photo In Anti-2A Opinion Piece)

"You've got the President of the United States tweeting that the Second Amendment will never be repealed," Cuomo said. "Who is calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment? Who is calling for it?"

"Justice Stevens did," Santorum shot back.

"He did not, it was in the context of a conversation about the fastest route to legal change - of course, if you didn't have the Second Amendment... it would be easier to change the laws," Cuomo said, doubling down. "That does not breed unity, it's a bogeyman and you know it."

Stevens wrote in the Tuesday op-ed, "Concern that a national standing army might pose a threat to the security of the separate states... is a relic of the 18th century." 

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