Trump: New York Times Reporter Is 'Hillary Flunky'

Jake Baker  ·  March 12, 2018  ·  Featured, Media-Entertainment, Elections, Left Wing Ideology, Leftist Bullies

By: Saagar Enjeti

President Donald Trump rebutted a recent New York Times story claiming he was considering hiring a new lawyer to handle the ongoing Russia probe and called out one of the reporters responsible by name.

Haberman, a White House reporter for The New York Times, wrote Saturday along with her colleague that Trump was considering hiring a veteran Washington lawyer who had previously assisted former President Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky scandal.

Trump's callout of Haberman comes just hours after he shouted at another familiar foe, NBC's Chuck Todd. The president told supporters at a recent campaign rally Todd was "a sleeping son of a bitch, I'll tell you" rekindling his oft repeated insult of Todd as "sleepy eyes."

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