News flash! Pentagon makes big admission about women in combat

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A new Pentagon report that recommends including women in the Selective Service registration for any future draft includes a backhanded admission that females cannot meet the same combat standards as men.

The "Report on the Purpose and Utility of a Registration System for Military Selective Service" concludes the present volunteer military is serving the nation's needs, but it says a draft always should remain an option because of the potential for future threats.

The report aligns with the Obama administration's use of the military for social experimentation, with women in combat and tip-of-the-spear roles previously occupied by men, allowance of transgenders, open homosexuality and more.

It means that while President Trump has moved away from such experimentation, the holdovers from the previous administration still have authority.

The new report states: "Under current law, women may serve voluntarily in the U.S. Armed Forces but are not, and never have been, required to register for selective service. Since the ban on women in combat was lifted [by Obama], the merits of including women in the requirement to register for the draft have been hotly debated in the media and in the halls of Congress."

The Pentagon says it "appears that, for the most part, expanding registration for the draft to include women would enhance further the benefits presently associated with the selective service system."

"Opening registration to all members of the population aged 18-25 - regardless of gender - would convey the added benefit of promoting fairness and equity not previously possible in the process and would comport the military selective service system with our nation's touchstone values of air and equitable treatment, and equality of opportunity."

Why is all this happening? In his widely acclaimed book "The Snapping of the American Mind," award-winning journalist David Kupelian stunningly documents - in a chapter titled "Gender Madness" - precisely what the transgender phenomenon is all about. Prepare to be shocked.

However, critics of Obama's social engineering repeatedly have pointed out that the military is no place for such experimenting. The military's objective is to defeat the enemy, and equality should take a back seat to the most efficient way to win wars.

Multiple studies have shown that in combat, all-male units perform at a higher level than units with mixed male and female members.

The new Pentagon study even, in a backhanded manner, concedes that point, acknowledging the different skill sets required by the modern military.

"Given that females are not authorized to register for the draft, there would be no mechanism by which to collect and maintain a record of their professions, skills, academic degrees, and licenses - even were use of the information intended only for voluntary recruitment purposes," the study says.

"This would prove an unfortunate omission," it continues. "A targeted draft in a future war would presumptively focus on highly technical skills in short supply in the labor market as a whole."

The study says the percentage of individuals "qualified in such skills is unlikely to be as variable by gender as are the combat [military occupation specialties.]"

The clear suggestion is that personnel in "combat" roles are "variable by gender."

"Authors of the report try to finesse this reality by suggesting, without empirical evidence, that the need for 'skills-based' conscription is so great, women would have to be registered for possible SS mobilization," explained Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness and an expert on military preparedness.

"This is actually a back-handed admission that women are not the physical equals of men in the combat arms," she said.

She noted that the report, although just released, had been prepared some time ago, suggesting that Obama holdovers had a significant role in its writing.

In fact, she told WND that "Obama holdovers" still are trying to make policy by managing perception.

They are aided in their cause by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who long has supporting the drafting America's daughters, she said.

His own committee reports on the draft reflect that goal, and he's even proposed legislation.

Donnelly found it significant that such a report was released "without the name of a Trump administration official."

She said voters deserve an explanation if it is officials from the Obama era "making it appear that President Trump and Secretary [of Defense James] Mattis favor major policy changes that are not consistent with promises to end political correctness in the military."

She noted that the acting under secretary of personnel and readiness, Anthony Kurta, an Obama holdover, was the Defense official who launched an "LGBT Pride" event at the Pentagon in June without presidential authorization.

Mattis declared during his confirmation hearing that mission readiness and combat capabilities will be focal points for the Trump administration regarding the military.

But the Pentagon report instead focuses on equal opportunity, "fairness" and "benefits" of co-ed operations.

Further, Donnelly said, the report "ignores the fact that in a catastrophic national emergency requiring activation of a draft, the primary need would be for 'combat replacements' for those killed in battle."

"Infantry units are the largest community in the Army and Marine Corps. And we know from recent USMC research that women would not have an equal opportunity to survive in the combat arms, or to help fellow soldiers to survive," she said.

"The report fails to recognize how the Selective Service system would be jammed and slowed by attempts to cull through thousands of called-up females, just to find a few who might meet minimal physical qualifications or specialized 'skills.'

"It is also an affront to women, who have always stepped up to serve in national emergencies, especially if they are asked to volunteer," she said.

Donnelly said the study actually concludes "there is no good national security reason to require women to register for the draft."

"In fact, the Obama-DoD report recognizes that setting up a system to register and conscript based on special skills would be difficult, costly, cumbersome, unpredictable, and open to perceptions of unfairness."

WND reported in mid-summer that President Trump reversed Obama's order opening the military to transgender individuals.

The Obama decision, if it had been left unchanged, would have forced U.S. soldiers to work under the most intense, life-endangering conditions alongside gender-confused individuals undergoing a variety of treatments and put American taxpayers on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in medical procedures.

Critics had pointed out that transgenders may have been unable to fulfill their military obligations under any circumstances because of ongoing medical treatment.

Trump said enough was enough.

On Twitter, he said: "After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail."

Congress came close last November to enacting a law with Republican and Democratic backing that would require women to sign up. An amendment cleared the House Armed Services Committee, but Republican leaders scuttled the move and instead created a commission to conduct a two-year examination.

The report does conclude there's no foreseeable reason to restart a draft, but the option should not be eliminated because it tells the world that, if needed, the U.S. is capable of a mass mobilization.

When Trump reversed Obama's mandate for transgenderism in the military there was speculation it was partly based on the prospect of having to decide whether or not to spend possibly hundreds of millions of dollars funding surgeries for transgenders.

Donnelly's organization previously released a CMR Special Report that revealed the absurd and sometimes bizarre plans incorporated in Obama administration transgender mandates.

The 27-page report discloses 15 Defense Department and military service directives that are based on politically correct beliefs that defy science and common sense. These directives, written in consultation with LGBT activist groups and like-minded contractors such as RAND, deserve serious congressional review, measured against requirements of military readiness, Donnelly said at the time.

"Social experiments with the lives of people who deserve better will create many problems that detract from impacts on morale and readiness," she said.

She provided the following examples of potential problems:


  • Unlimited expenditures for lifetime hormone treatments and sometimes irreversible surgeries. (Transgender advocates demand special status for recruits seeking lifetime medical benefits despite deployability problems. They also demand coverage for veterans in an already over-loaded system, and for family dependents, including minor children);
  • Infringements on personal privacy in conditions of forced intimacy;
  • Demoralizing pressures on military commanders, doctors, and nurses to approve, participate in, or perform procedures that violate medical ethics or sincerely-held personal or religious convictions;
  • Negative impacts on morale and cohesion when side effects from transgender treatments and surgeries negatively affect combat deployability and readiness;
  • Establishment of a network of remote "Service Central Coordination Cells" (SCCCs) allowing LGBT consultants to politicize the Military Health System;
  • Erosion of trust in military leaders who endorse medical delusions; and
  • Diversion of scarce time and resources in pursuit of politically-correct social agendas that are not consistent with sound priorities in the military.
Why is all this happening? In his widely acclaimed book, "The Snapping of the American Mind," award-winning journalist David Kupelian documents - in a chapter titled "Gender Madness" - precisely what the transgender phenomenon is all about. Prepare to be shocked.

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