MSNBC Chiris Matthews Stunned At What He Finds "Hidden" In The Republican Platform

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By: Dr. Jake Baker - TapWires News Service

Last week MSNBC host Chris Matthews was stunned that Conservatives believe that there is a God who endowed into mankind certain unalienable rights including life, liberty and he pursuit of happiness. 

Having listened to Matthews for several years I think he has two problems with this understanding that the right to keep and bear arms predates even the Magna Carta.  First, he believes only in a vague deist understanding of “god.” That is, he does not grasp the understanding of a true and living God whose name is Yahweh. 

Secondly, because he is contemptuous of America’s understanding that rights are God-given not government grants or issued from the hand of man or in a larger picture from society at large.  Simply put, he wants to do away with everything about America that is not socialism and government controlled – he believes in the will of the collective - like the Borg – you will be assimilated. 

If indeed certain rights, like life are an endowment into man by our Creator then government has no authority to withdraw that right even for the preborn.  With the acceptation of murder – where justice demands blood be paid for innocent blood shed.  Despite what the left may thing even the death penalty is about the right to life.  The sanctity of life is such a high priority that anyone who would deign to take to take a life by shedding innocent blood, must himself forfeit his life.  It is the ultimate deterrent. 

On the other hand, if Matthews and his fellow travelers can convince America that rights are a granted by men or governments then they can be changed, altered or even cancelled by man, as in the case of abortion, marriage, the right of self-defense for ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our state and our country.  Now here’s the twist that people like Matthews will never understand.

Rights are not just endowed privileges they are also solemn obligations. If rights come from God then the obligations of those rights also come from God and are likewise irrevocable. 

Psalm 82 says, “Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.”

Jeremiah 22 says, “Thus saith the LORD; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor:”

I have found that through the years that delivering anyone from the hand of the wicked or the oppressor, is seldom accomplished by polite talk unless that polite talk involves the ability to break the hand of the wicked if necessary.

But to someone like Matthews who hates constitutional, Christian, conservative America, rights are an impediment to his vision of this country which is the Obama vision of America.  Matthews is all about globalism, an end to super powers, and the merging of nations and super powers into one global superpower which will govern the planet … a new world order.            

All of this is of course explains why on his show Hardball, Matthews accused the GOP of being a party of "fanatics" who want virtually no limits on the kinds of weapons a citizen can possess.  An armed citizenry can and will resist the tyranny of government as it seeks to enforce its will on the people claiming as its right the role of God and the ability to alter or revoke rights and freedom itself. 

Matthews feigns stunned horror and shocked disbelief at this outrageous concept, and that the Republican  platform actually says the right to bear arms "precedes the constitution." Adding that it is seen as a "God given" or "theological" right.  Notice the clever juxtaposition of “God-given and theological right as if they were the same thing.  Clever but knowingly false.  Matthews knows that a God-given right is an endowment by God into the very being of man while a theological right is man’s interpretation of what God has done.  Which means that if the theology doesn’t fit your needs, and because it is man’s interpretation of God’s will, it can be changed or altered.  Nice try Chris. 

He continued,

"I don't know how to explain it. It's a religious, essential notion to them that everybody should have any kind of gun they want, any-a bazooka, a tank. They never put a limit on it, ever. They are fanatics. The Republican Party, as a party, is a fanatic party on guns."

Of course, none of that is true.  We have all kinds of “unconstitutional” limits on guns.  We have limits on the type of gun that can be owned, how many rounds the magazines can carry, the type of ammo that can be possessed, while some states like California even limit the amount of ammunition an individual can purchase. 

Knowing the duplicitous nature of government, I trust the American people with guns much more than I trust government with the power to do to us as they please if we are defenseless.  But Matthews attack is really not about guns.  Guns are in his mind just a symptom of the problem.  The problem is the notion that rights come from God not from government. 

As Alex Griswold of the Washington Free Beacon notes, this is now the second time this week that a host from MSNBC expressed confusion that conservatives believe that inalienable rights from our Creator, are in fact rights from God.

Then there is Chuck Todd of NBC and their ultra-leftist sibling MSNBC who excoriates Alabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore for saying that "our rights don't come from government, they don't come from the Bill of Rights, they come from Almighty God."

"Those are just a taste of what are very fundamentalist views that have gotten him removed from office twice as Alabama's chief justice," the MSNBC host arrogantly intoned.  But the truth is that those who removed Moore from office were in clear violation of their own state law and probably should be facing charges of sedition. 

Unfortunately, this is nothing new.  I don’t think that any of us are surprised that liberals, on liberal networks who hate America independence which stands in the way of their new world order, despise the founding principle that rights come from God which disavows their notion that rights come from man and can be altered or cancelled by man.  But these powerful media propagandists know that people can be led astray and unfortunately fall victim to hearing lies repeated often enough that they accept them as true.  That perhaps explains in part why we twice foolishly elected a man who firmly believed that rights were the purview of man not God.  His name was Barack Hussein Obama and one of his more famous lines in speaking of Christian conservative Americans described them as “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion.”

If the left can remove the vestiges of a Christian understanding of the Declaration of Independence, that rights come from God – then the nation will fall and they will indeed have their New World Order which scripture calls the Great Tribulation, with one global government ruling a disarmed people who will occupy earth – the Prison Planet.

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