Harvey Weinstein receives PR help from former Obama adviser, women's right advocate Anita Dunn

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Hollywood kingpin Harvey Weinstein has a strange bedfellow in the battle to save his tattered reputation. Anita Dunn, the former key adviser to President Obama and self-professed champion of women's rights, is defending the longtime Democratic party donor from charges he sexually harassed women for decades from a position of power in showbusiness.

As previously reported, Harvey Weinstein is in hot water after The New York Times published an investigative piece in which several women accused him of sexual harassment throughout his decades in Hollywood. Prior to the publication of the article, the famed producer reportedly went on a spree of consulting lawyers and public relations experts in an effort to launch a $50 million lawsuit against the newspaper. Among those public relations experts was Anita Dunn, who worked on Obama's first campaign and briefly worked as White House communications director under the 44th president. In that role, she often openly criticized Fox News.

Currently, Dunn works as the managing director of SKDKnickerbocker, a public affairs firm based out of Washington that mostly deals with Democratic candidates. Following the news, her firm released the following statement ensuring the public that Dunn was not paid for her consultation, but did in fact come to the aid of Weinstein while others were condemning his actions and abuse of power.

"Today you may have seen a news report indicating that our colleague Anita Dunn recently advised Harvey Weinstein. Anita was asked to speak with him by a friend. Harvey Weinstein and Miramax are not now and have never been clients of our firm or Anita's. If you know Anita, you can only imagine what she said to him. Our commitment to defending women's rights remains."

According to the report from the Times, Weinstein sexually harassed numerous women that worked with him, Miramax and, later, The Weinstein Co. by propositioning them for massages, appearing naked or half-clothed and asking them to watch him bathe.

Weinstein is a major donor the the Democratic Party and even held fundraisers for Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016. Dunn mostly kept her ties to the Obama administration, even after leaving in 2009. She was a frequent visitor to the White House and helped Obama with debate prep in 2012. Now it seems she's lending her skills to help get Weinstein's name out of the mud pro bono.

Meanwhile, The Wrap reports that some Democratic officials in Washington are donating the money that Weinstein previously raised for them to charity.

Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/10/06/harvey-weinstein-receives-pr-hel...

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