Turns out, Steelers coach who was upset Army vet stood for anthem hosted a posh Hillary fundraiser

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Mike Tomlin, the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is a staunch Democrat who hosted a lavish fundraiser at his mansion for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Tomlin raised eyebrows after getting upset that offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva - a decorated Army veteran - stood for the national anthem while the rest of his team hid like hood rats in the locker room.

Villanueva earned widespread praise for his patriotism, but then apologized (under duress) the next day. He said he was sorry he made his unpatriotic teammates and coach look bad. Well, now we know why he apologized: Villanueva's obnoxious coach is a flaming liberal bully.

Record show that Tomlin has donated tens of thousands of dollars over the years to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's political campaigns. In June 2016, Tomlin even hosted a posh fundraiser for Hillary at his Pittsburgh mansion. Tickets to the event cost $10,000 to $33,400. The most expensive ticket included a private meeting with Tomlin and Hillary.

Of course, Mike Tomlin's star power as an NFL coach didn't help Hillary get elected. Nor did the other posh fundraisers her Hollywood fanboys George Clooney and Justin Timberlake hosted at their homes.

Has anyone checked the actual rule about the anthem? NFL's game operations manual is very specific

Like a true liberal hypocrite, Tomlin slammed President Trump this week, claiming Trump had dragged politics into the NFL. In reality, it is Tomlin who has used his status as an NFL coach to shill money from Democratic donors.

Tomlin also glossed over the fact that unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the one who dragged the entire NFL into politics. Trump merely responded to his anti-American gesture.

All this hypocrisy isn't surprising, since race-baiting, grievance-mongering and double-talk are the hallmarks of today's radical leftists. Like Kaepernick, Tomlin is given a wide leash in the NFL because the league doesn't want to be accused of racism.

That's what Fox Sports anchor Jason Whitlock - who's African-American - said. "Mike Tomlin is the most coddled coach, perhaps in the history of professional sports," Whitlock said (see video).

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Whitlock said if other NFL coaches did some of the stupid things that Tomlin does (like physically confronting players on opposing teams, or arguing with referees and other coaches), "we'd be shredding him."

When asked: "So why aren't we shredding Tomlin?"

Whitlock replied: "Because he's black and people are afraid to be criticized ... Mike Tomlin is doing stupid things. He needs to be reigned in and criticized and treated like every other coach in the National Football League ... He's clueless and that's why his assistant coaches and players are clueless."

Article source: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2017/09/27/turns-steelers-coach-upset-army-vet-stood...

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