Airforce Commander Orders 33 Year Vet Assaulted And Dragged From Retirement Ceremony For Mentioning "God"

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By: H.T. Coffee - TapWires News Service

U.S. Airforce first assaulted then dragged away a retired military veteran, a civilian, because they feared he was going to mention God at a retirement party. 

First Liberty Institute is suing the United States Airforce for its refusal to release the results of an investigation into this shocking incident. 

According to First Liberty Institute a nonprofit legal defense group, retired Master Sergeant, Oscar Rodriguez had received an invitation to make a speech about the folding of the American flat at an airman’s retirement ceremony in which he mentioned God. 

This incident took place in April of 2016 during the Obama Regime’s reign of terror. The setting was Travis Airforce base. When Rodriguez began speaking, multiple Airmen physically assaulted him, dragging him out of the ceremony. Travis Air Force Base officials then threw Rodriguez off the base.

Rodriguez says he is shocked and humiliated by what happened at the retirement ceremony.

“To even imagine that I would be removed while the American flag is being unfurled and open—the flag which represents freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press … it’s horrifying.”

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First Liberty posted a video online of the assault on Rodriguez:


They also posted a companion video of Rodriguez’s explanation of how the incident developed:


Here is how the story developed according to First Liberty.  The commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Michael Sovitsky of Master Sergeant Charles “Chuck” Roberson, who was retiring, found out that retired Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez, a 33-year veteran of the Air Force had been requested and scheduled to give a flag-folding speech he’d done many times he did everything he could to stop Rodriguez from even being allowed to attend the retirement.

 “After learning he lacked authority to prevent Rodriguez from attending, the commander then told Roberson that Rodriguez could not give the speech. Rodriguez asked Roberson what he should do, and Roberson responded that it was his personal desire that Rodriguez give the flag-folding speech as planned.”  That is what set off the assault and illegal detainment of Mr. Rodriguez

That is when First liberty in June 2016 stepped in and sent a demand letter to the Air Force claiming legal and constitutional violations.

In the demand letter, First Liberty attorneys asked the Air Force to send a written apology to Mr. Rodriguez and to hold all responsible parties accountable for the assault on Mr. Rodriguez by June 27.

Under the Obama Regime the military all but banned even the mere mention of “God” by the military.  However, with such an egregious violation of Mr. Rodriguez constitutional rights it was only two days later, then-Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James ordered the Air Force inspector general to conduct an investigation into the incident. At that time, the Air Force actually conducted two separate investigations – one addressing Rodriguez’ First Amendment claims, the other addressing Fourth and Fifth Amendment claims – but to date the Airforce has only released the First Amendment investigation, according to First Liberty.

Multiple media outlets also reported that the Air Force acknowledged that religious scripts may be used in flag folding ceremonies.

“Air Force personnel may use a flag folding ceremony script that is religious for retirement ceremonies,” the Air Force said in a statement. “Since retirement ceremonies are personal in nature, the script preference for a flag folding ceremony is at the discretion of the individual being honored and represents the member’s views, not those of the Air Force. The Air Force places the highest value of the rights of its personnel in matters of religion and facilitates the free exercise of religion by its members.”

The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed on behalf of Mr. Rodriguez seeks the results of the second investigation which the Airforce is hiding.  First Liberty believes that report is needed to determine whether further legal action is recommended.

“The Air Force’s refusal to turn over the results of its investigation has caused undue delay to First Liberty’s representation of Rodriguez as he seeks justice for an incident that occurred over one year ago,” the organization explained in its press release and subsequent announcement.

“The Air Force is clearly hiding something,” said Mike Berry, director of military affairs for First Liberty Institute. “Federal law requires the government to make a determination within 20 days of a FOIA request, yet it’s been over 200 days and we haven’t received anything but delays. Whatever the Air Force is hiding, it must be really bad for them.”

The organization said the law very clearly appears to be on Rodriguez’ side.

“Because Rodriguez is a private citizen, he has every right to mention the word ‘God’ under the First Amendment of the Constitution,” the legal team explained.

“The Air Force had no right to assault a citizen, much less a 33-year military veteran, because they didn’t want him to mention ‘God,'” said Berry. “Mr. Rodriguez has a constitutional right to free speech and religious expression, even on a military base.”

Who would have ever thought that a country founded on the bedrock principle of religious freedom would come to a point where a thirty-three-year veteran of the military – a defender of the nation … of “God and Country” would be assaulted and dragged off by uniformed airmen of the United States Airforce. Every true patriot every American, should be both enraged and outraged by this monstrous behavior. 

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